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Life produces a lot of garbage. Thankfully, not everything we throw away needs to end up in the landfill. Most unwanted items can be reused, recycled, composted or otherwise put to some use. The key is to have a waste management system that gives you options. Quality garbage bins and waste management containers are the foundation on which a flexible waste management system is built. is an illustrated compendium of garbage bins and waste management containers on the market today. The focus is practical, innovative products, especially those that reduce our impact on the natural environment.

Dealing with waste in an environmentally conscious manner is not just good for the environment; increasingly, it is also good on the pocket book.  Reduce your water consumption by using a rain barrel to harvest rainwater. Make your own organic fertilizer out of kitchen scraps and grass clippings with a compost bin. Reduce your garbage disposal costs by recycling glass, metal and other materials. Find more information about these and other products on

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